1. Beat This Heart

Call me crazy but I’m still in love with you
Call me lazy but there’s little I can do
I count the days just like I blink my eyes
Your quick good bye
I think it’s funny that I still recall your scent
But can’t remember how our yesterday was spent
It’s not my memory that’s failed you s
It’s you not me
If you don’t play me, someone’s gonna save me
But you’re always gonna beat this heart of mine
If you just believe me, no reason then to leave me
Let’s pretend you think I’m right this time
Your always gonna beat this heart of mine
You’re very beautiful of that I’m sure you know
How many others fellas long to tell you so
For everyone who needs a fresher start
A broken heart
You send it from fast to slow
Stop and go and you know
The rules of engagement here
Let’s be clear, when you are near
The usual rules just get in our way

2. Blast Your Way Out

So much of moving is just moving on
Whenever you’re choosing then something is gone
The lesson is clear, just keep your heart in your chest

There’s no denying the fun that was had
Not all your hazy grey memories are bad
The road is gonna end, you really did give it your best

The night is full of black and blue
Like the walls are closing in on you

If you can find away then you can run away
You can blast your way out
If you can find away then you can run away
Never ask, never doubt
Blast your way out

Your mama called me to ask how you are
Your mama called me and I see just how far you’ve drifted away
From all of the truth you believed

What joker said that we reap what we sew
Some broken sinner who just didn’t know
That we must take control, dust off our coats and just leave

3. Come Clean

Stop the traffic, dismantle the sun
You sent a silence out to everyone
Tell the birds to save their earnest song
Everything is lost since you are gone

Get the trees to still their gentle sway
Subways send your passengers away
Morning, noon and night, one and the same
I wonder will I always feel this way

I had a tidal wave dream
I saw you swallowed by the sea
I woke and the dawn broke me
I think it’s time I come clean
I miss you so much, it’s killing me

Warn the sky the clouds have to come to stay
There’ll be no more light for me today
Stop the planets orbits in their tracks
Happiness is never coming back

Disconnect the phone and internet
I will try to sleep till I forget
I am signing off, transmissions end
I just wanna see my only friend

I find it hard to hear it when they say
I have to be strong and find my grace
Waiting through the hardship and the space
Praying that we meet again someday

4. The Other Side

Will I see your face on the otherside, will I hear your voice
Will I recognize
Your pretty smile, dark brown eyes
On the otherside

We’ve been working on this so long, is it worth it
Or are we wrong?
Will we keep what we make or will it all be gone
On the otherside

I don’t wanna lose you, I don’t wanna miss you like I do
I don’t wanna wait for you anymore
I don’t want fool you, I don’t wanna hurt you like I do
I don’t wanna wait for you anymore
What are we waiting for

If you make it first to the otherside, will you wait for me
Will I decide?
If I can hold this road for the long, long ride
To the otherside

5. Bail You Out

You’re high now, but wait till you come back down
You want me to take you in, when you are a mess again

You been hiding out with the vampire’s downtown
The night is a whirlwind but when the dawn’s breaking

I know you better then you know yourself
You know me every time you need my help
I’m gonna bail you out

You’ve gone astray you’re in a manic haze
Out on a lost weekend with your fair-weather friends

I know you and come Sunday morning you’ll be calling
You know me every time you need my help
I’m gonna bail you out

I just want you to know
I just thought you should know
I’m not sitting back and watching while you let yourself go

I’m on your side but I can’t watch you die
My patience is wearing thin so you’re on your own my friend

I know you and I know I’m part of the problem
You know me everytime you need my help
I’m gonna bail you out

6. Wherever You Are

Does the train wake you up at seven am?
Do the sound of the waves let you just sleep in?
Does the sun through the shadows pour its light on your face
I wanna know, wanna go, I’ll do whatever it takes…

Wherever you are, wherever you are
There is no other way, I’ll see you there someday
Wherever you are

Does the night get cold while the big city sleeps
Does your heart keep time without skipping a beat
When you look out your window I wanna see what you see
I wanna know, wanna go, I’ll do whatever it takes

I don’t know where this begins
But I know where I’m going
Wherever you are…

7. The Healing

I stumbled out of bed this mornin’, told myself the sky ain’t fallin’
Still you won’t catch me out there
I’ll never learn to live without you, I’m too busy thinking about you
Seeing your face everywhere
Praying a losing man’s prayer

I’m waiting for the healin’
Sick and tired of this feelin’
Nothing changes but the seasons
I’m right here where you left me

I’ve gotta move on I know, but I can’t see just where to go
Out here in the darkness where you left me
Wish you’d come back and lead me home, maybe it’s best that I’m on my own
Cause I don’t want you to see me this way
Unless you’re coming home to stay

I saw you in a dream last night, held you close till the morning light
Woke up before I even got to say goodbye…

8. Speak Easier

They say life’s for the livin’
Are you livin’ or not?
You only get what you put in
You only get one shot

Your love is a given,
But you can you give it away?
Can you speak with your heart?
When there’s nothing left to say

Speak just a little bit easier
And your voice will get a little bit stronger
Don’t be afraid, don’t bite your tongue
Lift the bottom of your heart to the top of your lungs
Speak just a little bit easier

You say you can’t believe in
Something you’ve never seen
Just because you didn’t notice
Doesn’t mean it’s never been… There

Nothing lasts forever
You’ll take nothing when you go
We’re all in it together
Doing the best with what we know

9. Long Road of Love

You caught a teardrop from the sky
You’re the saddest girl on PEI
You say you’d never love another guy
You never know if you never try

On your signal I’ll proceed with caution
I know that you’re broken
But we’re on the long road back to love

I’ll be waiting on you tonight
I’ll be waiting on you
I’ll be waiting on you tonight
On the long road of love
On the long road of love

You heard a whisper in the wind
And loneliness came creeping in
I don’t want you giving in
I want you to love again

I’m not one to make you cry
And I’m not simply passing by
I want you to come alive… On the long road of love

10. Till The Sun Comes Up

I’d be a fool if I didn’t kiss you right now
I’d be a fool to let you leave
Because a good girl like you never seems to come around
But it’s a long way to be in love

You’re leaving in the morning and I might not see you again
Up and away you’ll fly
You gave me fair warning but I feel too hard
But it’s a long way to be in love

Too much talk, too little time
I’ll be yours so just be mine
Through the night, we’ll be fine
Till the sun comes up
Will you stay till the sun comes up

I sit on your suitcase while you close it up tight
You’ve packed such a lot
There ain’t no more space for these tears on my face
It’s a long way to be in love
It’s a long way to be in love

11. When Your Boat

I know you’ve been down on your luck
And I know things are really messed up
You’re a drift at sea and you’ve got nobody to reel you back in
I just wanted to let you know…

When you’re boat ain’t rising with the tides
I’ll throw you a line
And take you to the light

Thrown by waves of indecision
Anchors have been holding you down
Water’s coming in, you’ve been sinking… lonely ocean
I just wanted to let you know…

Traveling on is bound to be rough
Looking for ways to rise above
Where you wanna be, where you end up in a world outta luck
I just wanted to let you know…