Crushed (T. Chaisson, C. Stone, D. Guthro, M. Shaw)

Head rush, can’t get enough
Didn’t see it coming and all of a sudden
There it was, here we go again
Into my heart and under my skin
?I wouldn’t change a thing
I wanna run and and I wanna give in
I shatter when we touch

Pickin’ up the pieces
Fallin’ in deeper
For a million little reasons
You got me crushed

Midnight, lightening strike
I won’t close my eyes, it’s not the kinda thing that happens twice
In a perfect storm
We got a fire, we’ll watch it burn

I wouldn’t change a thing
I wanna run but I wanna give in
I can never get too much

When my heart was still healing
You made me believe again
For a million little reasons
You got me crushed

I Can’t Live Without You (T. Chaisson, M. Shaw)

You fall outta love, when I fall in
Timing never was our best friend
But I know… ?Ya, we get something gold

It was raining when I first met you
You told me you’d never felt a déjà vu
Like that…
Meant to be and meant to last

Maybe we’ll sink, maybe we’ll swim
Life doesn’t let us see where it ends
Maybe you’ll run but I hope you stay
Cause I don’t know who else could love me the way you do
I can’t live without you

You don’t have to tell me what you’re thinking
Cause I am happy here beside you waiting
I feel

Ya, we got something real

Loses Its Shine (T. Chaisson, G. Sampson)

If I counted all the highways I had one thing my mind
White knuckles on the wheel windows down and passing time
Your heart’s just too far gone and that’s the reason you hang on
To something, something, something…

Every candle I ever wished on, while the flame burned down to wax
Every cross of the fingers I ever made behind my back
Take every ounce of faith, every card I’ve ever played
It means nothing, nothing, nothing

If this love ever loses it shine
If this love ever loses it shine
If the light between your heart and mine
Loses it shine, loses it shine
If this love ever loses it shine

Climbing up the walls, hanging on the edge
Every song would be your voice ringing in my head
Every whiskey’d be a secret way for me to kill the pain
I’d be trying to move on but I know I’d never be the same…

Animal (T. Chaisson, S. Wilcox)

Got a terrible feeling?Got a light I can’t contain
It’s too much most days
Locked up in my ribcage

Uncivilized nature
Deep inside everyone you see
If they try to tame ya?Turn around and show your teeth

My heart is animal
No I don’t love my enemies
It’s wild and beautiful
But if you came to test me
Oh darling, you better watch out
My heart is an animal

You don’t know what I’m thinking
I got a universe in my head
And anyone who’s ever crossed me
Has seen these rivers runnin’ red
?You think you’re coming up behind me
I can feel the pressure change
You’re standing on my territory
I wouldn’t call this your first mistake

Bad On Me (T. Chaisson, C. Kirby)

I can’t run, I can’t hide
I can’t help myself tonight
You’re no good, that’s too bad
Cause what you got, it drives me mad
?You oohhh oohhh…
Look so bad on me

I ain’t got no money, I spent it all on you
My time is getting real short, cause I gave that to you too
You keep drawing lines, right across my face
Keep on bringing flowers, cause I’ll need ‘em for my grave

Detour off the highroad, slippery and steep
Now everybody knows me by the company I keep
Deep down in my heart, I know it ain’t right
I’ll suffer through tomorrow for a dance with you tonight

You’re Gonna Miss Saying Goodbye (T. Chaisson, C. Kirby, K. Chaisson)

You’re gonna miss saying goodbye,
You’re gonna miss saying goodbye,
You’re gonna miss saying goodbye,
When I’m gone, gone, gone, gone…

Hotel to hotel, driving a new road every day
You ask me every night why do I live my life this way
You say we’re outta money, and I’m outta touch, you’ve been waiting long enough
And it’s gone, gone

I send you all my love, you say it’s not enough
You’re gonna miss saying goodbye when I’m gone
Telling me it’s the end of the road, you can do what you want but I know
You’re gonna miss saying goodbye when I’m gone… When I’m gone.
It’s checkout time at the Motor Inn so I’m packing up my stuff
If we’re not face to face tell me – is this really breaking up?
I’m always driving… You crazy
Whoever said it would be easy
Was wrong, wrong

You Got Love (T. Chaisson, P. Ballantyne)

There’s days ahead, miles to come
You’re never alone, there’s always someone
That has your back, that sees you through
Shows you all that you can do

Your pain was never spoken
You can heal a heart that’s open

You got love,
Anytime the sky is grey
You can hold on another day
You got love
That forever keeps you strong
Is always right, never wrong
You got love

There’s something about you that always shows
Your nervous mind your heart of gold
Dig a bit deeper, into your soul
You got so many riches than you’ll never know

Goodbye July (T. Chaisson, C. Kirby)

What would you do if I kissed you
What if I said those crazy words
Would it be just the like the movies
Where the underdog gets the girl

I can’t help but wonder
What in the world keeps bringing you here
How do we get this close to something
This time, every year
?Waking up to the waves crashing
Putting out the fire at my feet
Goodbye July, goodbye July
Not gonna let this happen
You don’t get burned if you stay outta the heat
Goodbye July, goodbye July…

Why do my hands shake and shiver
Under this Carolina sun
Taking my finger off the trigger
I can’t do it, I’m done

I just can’t seem to tell you what’s been on my mind
Sometimes it’s better to keep the dream alive

No Getting Off Easy (T. Chaisson, C. Kirby)

Did you ever love me baby,
Or was it just a show
I’ve been going crazy,
Was I the last to know?
Your friends all tried to warn me,
You’ve done this many times before
?Didn’t I love you baby??Gave you everything you need,
What makes you think it’s ok,
To walk all over me,
Then keep on walking baby,
Did you think I’d never catch up
You’re not walking fast enough…
?There’s no getting off easy
And no excuses for the way that you treat me
You’ve gotta pay for it baby
Cause you break it, you buy it
This heart is not free
And I ain’t leaving till I get
What you owe me
?You can’t get away with cheating
Don’t know why you think you can
Give me one good reason
I just don’t understand
I came here for answers ?And I’ll wait forever, I don’t care
I’m not going anywhere

All Those Words I Said (T. Chaisson, CD Johnson)

It’s been raining in my sleep
Drops of regret – they run so deep
Without You

I shouldn’t have pushed you away
Look at this empty bed I’ve made
Without You

I told you that I wanted to be on my own
I never thought… That I’d wanna…
Take back…

All those words I said
Swimming in my head
Baby can you just come back and forget
Forget all those words I said

If I could go back to the start
I’d stop the fool who broke your heart
Ya, that’s me

Instead I’d say just what you dreamed
I love you, I need you, you’re my everythin’

It might be – a little too late now
But just incase, I wanna take back

Under The Cajun Moon (T. Chaisson, C. Kirby)

My pretty Madelaine, I’ll keep fighting till the end of this madness
Like I told you, when they stole you away from me

I left my eastern shore with the North Star over my shoulder
They think they won the war but this battle is far from over

I lost you under an Acadian sunrise
I watched the ship carry you over the horizon
I sold my soul to get here, looking for you
Forever searching under the Cajun moon

My precious Madelaine I’ve been sailing on this ocean
I’m weak and getting tired but your fire still guides me
?And when I reach the shore of Louisiana we’ll be together
An oath to you I swore to be your man through whatever

My sleepy Madelaine, I’ll only see you when you’re dreaming…

Life After The War (T. Chaisson, C. Kirby)

It’s not so bright here in the afterglow
They don’t tell you it’s twice as hard coming home
I can’t sleep and when I close my eyes
I see shadows of the enemy
I let them get the best of me

I miss you more and more
And the way it was before
Our kiss goodbye up on the shore?We lost what I was fighting for
Is this life after the war?

I wrote you a letter every day
Bad as it was, I had something to say
I counted all the reasons I had to stand tall
And to get back to these four walls
Now I don’t recognize them at all

I miss the way we dance under the stars
Your eyes lighting up the dark
I know it’s not the same but I try so hard